edible roses

How to incorporate roses in your next dish

Did you know that roses are consumable? Roses are not only edible, but they are also quite tasty. In our piece on types of edible roses, we mentioned that the petals, hips, leaves, and buds of some roses are edible. For instance, rose hips have been shown to be high in vitamin C.

Herbalists point to a number of benefits of eating roses. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, refrigerant, aphrodisiac, and decongestant. However, not all roses are good. Stick with the ones that smell good to you, and avoid the roses that don’t have any smell. The number one rule is Don’t eat them if they were sprayed.

With that said, let’s take a look at how you can add roses to your dishes.

  1. Rose Shortbread. There is no better base for floral confections than rose shortbread. In this recipe, pistachio rose semolina cake transports you to the Middle East. With the cake, rose ice cream would be a wonderful complement.
  2. Wild Rose Petal Jam. Start by collecting fresh roses to make wild rose petal jam. Prior to cooking, make sure your petals are clean.To make this recipe, you’ll need about two cups of lightly packed rose petals. Place these petals in a glass bowl. In a medium pot, simmer the petals and water for 10 minutes. The color of the rose petals may begin to fade but never fear. Their beauty will soon return!Next, add two cups of sugar and three tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, and watch the gorgeous transformation begin. The lemon juice will start to bring out the color of the roses.

    Add a sprinkle of sugar at the end. Stir the petal mixture for 20 minutes, and it will begin to thicken. Once the jam has reached a beautiful red or magenta color, your jam is finished.

    Simply pour your jam over ice cream, or cake, or serve it on a piece of toast or a scone for a wonderful breakfast bite in the morning.

  3. Rose Tea. Dried rose buds can be used to make a soothing herbal tea. Throughout history, it is thought to ease menstrual pains, boost the immune system, speed healing, improve digestion, detoxify the body, stimulate mood and regulate the sleep cycle.Black or green tea leaves are a good option to mix with the roses if you are looking for a good mixture.

    Simply add our dried roses to hot water(not boiling) and let it steep for 5 minutes then strain the mixture. Use honey as a sweetener if necessary.

  4. Cucumber and Rose salad. Cucumbers and roses both peak around the same season (midsummer), and cucumbers also have a very floral aroma. Makes sense they would go well together.This recipe uses both rosewater and rose petals, but if you’re cooking with roses, a little goes a long way. Use too much and it can be very overpowering or even unpleasant.
  5. Rose syrup
    Red roses are perfect for this job. The result is a pretty, very sweet pink liquid great for cocktails and mocktails. You can make a big bunch for the holidays. What better way to celebrate than with organic ingredients for a party?To top it off, it’s a very simple process. It is a matter of simmering the roses, steeping them overnight, straining, et voilà! You have syrup for your lemon drop martini.

    Of course, these are but a few ways to use roses as an edible ingredient. There is a little bit of everything for everyone. If you love tea, try out rose tea for a floral-herbal taste. And if you are looking to spruce up your holiday for family and friends, the rose syrup covers alcoholic and non-alcoholic avenues. Be it in cocktails, mocktails, or garnish for desserts.

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